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The Rocketry of the Apollo Program

The last page showed some of the details for the initial series of Saturn Heavy Lift Rockets that moved the United States into the Space Program and on to the Moon itself by the end of the decade. It was a progression of systems and here I'll show a brief look at the progression and how it translated to the next in the series. Then we'll go to the real show here with th Saturn V Rockets.

The Saturn I rocket is first recorded with a successful launch on October, 27 1961. It completed it's service life as the SA-10 variant with a final launch on July 30, 1965
The Saturn 1B had a lengthy service life as the little brother to the mighty Saturn V. It first launched on February, 26 1966 and completed it's service life with a final launch coming on July 15th, 1975.
The Apollo 5 and 7 Missions were launched on Saturn 1B Variants. This makes for a great one in example.
( All Photographs in this area are courtesy of NASA and/or Wiki Commons and available in the Public Doman - Many thanks to NASA for thier hard work! )
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