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After a considerable time down for a complete redesign, I am happy to finally have everything back up and running.

Please take a moment and glance over the items I have here on the main page. It will make your navigation and use of the site easier.

- System Operator (White Rabbit)

Moving around FCC

    I have attempted to make the site as user friendly as possible. Having noted that, the main purpose of the site is a quick and easily referenced source of raw and source data from the public domain. The menus can get long in some areas.

If all else fails, the "Site Map" link at the bottom of each page will lead to a tree style text list of every page FCC contains, by the same menu structure as as found across the top of the page.

    For those who don't quite know what they may be looking for, please use our Search feature. I've tagged each page as well as each area for what should be effective search results.

    In order to collect and index as much information as possible, tabbed content boxes have been used across the site. The tabs are often brief in description to what each contains. To address the confusion that can cause, many areas have the last tab of each content area as a help screen. This will give relevant information about that area. The first tab in each box will also generally display the most relevant image or material to the theme of the section.

    All site links are located on the bottom of the banner area, while the menu bar across the top is exclusively for changing sections. It's important to note that not every link or page on the site is contained on the top menu. Some are accessible from within a specific area as a sub-section of direct interest. I've limited off-menu links to only content that falls within that narrow sub-section or specialized nature. (All pages are indexed within the site search.)

A Note About Format
What is a "Fact Collection Company" ?

The short version is simply that Fact Collection Company represents something I've been wanting to build for a few years. There are a number of sites which are similar for one area or another, but I've not found quite what I've wanted in one place. The site is also designed to archive some of the displays for future reference and record. These are both the personal and practical reasons for creating it. I also love the community this is built to service and hope folks find it all useful

The site is both non-commercial and non-profit. That shouldn't discourage anyone though, as I hope others find the displays and collections I've put together here as useful as I do. Given that it is being run as a free and open site as well as a personal resource, please make use of the Contact Us link located on the bottom of the page if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. We respond to everything which indicates a desire for a reply.

Content Nature and Sourcing

    FCC doesn't have a great deal of original content. You'll find the majority of what is collected here originates from Government, Education or Academic, and Public Domain sources. Some exceptions can be found in the Feature section or content I've created, while almost all other content is derived elsewhere and updated once or more per day, if not page load. That varies by area and is often noted where time is relevant. Where comments or commentary have been added to other content, the source of that is signed or indicated separately.

All material which isn't plain typed text on the site is sourced in one way or another. In some cases, usually dealing with Federal Government material, the source is embedded within a graphic or chart and that may be all the page has for it. In the vast majority of pages or areas, there will be a link that leads either to the home page of the source site/collection or the specific page the material was derived from. If you ever believe material or content on Fact Clearance Center is not properly sourced, please Contact Us immediately via the bottom link, so it may be corrected immediately. Response time may vary, but should come within 24hrs.

In some areas, " (Source: FCC) " is used. This indicates the material is entirely orginal or inspired by other material but not borrowing directly from it. These items are the product of myself or another one of the volunteers who help here.

    If you are interested in either helping by volunteering some time or contributing content, I welcome a note via the link at the bottom and let me know. I'll consider all suggestions and requests. Given the diverse nature of the content here, there is always something new to add.

Where do I sign up?
More, More, Must have MORE!
    Okay, if you're as much a data and stat junkie as I am, all you need to do is check back on a fairly regular basis. I am dealing with new topics and material in my college courses as well as contributing daily at several websites. As I come across new data or areas of interest in either, content will appear here. You can also ask on something specific, as I have far more than is ever on-line at any given time for subjects covered.
Welcome to The Fact Collection Company!
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